Lessons in Freedom

Memorial Day 2016 is Monday, May 30, so this is a great time to remind our kids about the value of our freedom!  Check out the following resources to boost your Memorial Day lessons:


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Activity Books and Printables

  • Grab this free activity book from the USS Arizona Memorial
  • This parent and student guide set was created for the Art of the American Soldier gallery at the Constitution Center, but there are some activities that can be used without visiting the Center.  Download the Parent Guide and the Student Guide.
  • Use these Memorial Day printables from Jumpstart for your elementary students.  
  • Complete a word fill-in.
  • Print these free coloring pages (set of 12).


Language Arts

  • Use this crayon resist activity to practice reading common Memorial Day words or words from one of the books from your Memorial Day reading list
  • Learn the emotional power of letters and get some letter-writing tips by reading about letter-writing in World War 2.
  • For older students, download activities and insight for In Flanders Fields (this document is written from a Canadian perspective, but the information is valuable no matter where you are located)!


Arts and Crafts

Military Museum Virtual Tours


Video Suggestions

hh flanders

Library Book Suggestions


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